Aikido – Vision

IAA pillars visionWie zijn wij?

Wij zijn een kleinschalige en laagdrempelige Aikido club in Amsterdam en zien de beoefening van Aikido als kans tot zelfontwikkeling, stresshantering en bewustwording. Ook voegen we in de Aikido training Mindfulness toe ter bevordering van de bewustwording van lichaam en geest, en onze gezondheid.

We vinden het belangrijk om met iedereen op plezierige, respectvolle en ondersteunende wijze te trainen. Er is persoonlijke aandacht voor jouw ontwikkeling in deze mooie en krachtige bewegingskunst. Gradering gaat op eigen tempo, want iedereen leert op zijn eigen manier en tijd.

IAA aikido club amsterdam


Who are we?

We are an Aikido Club of people in Amsterdam that is interested in the Art of Peace (Aikido) as a practice that benefits the quality of life. We see it as an opportunity for self-development, awareness and stress-reduction. Aikido is combined with Mindfulness, because it helps us to become more aware and awake in the face of challenge and stimulates growth. It increases our health.

Practicing together in an inviting and respectful sphere helps us to support each other’s development. There is personal attention for adaptations and recreations so that everyone can train and embody the principles of the art.





Aikido vision

Pillars of Integral Aikido Amsterdam

This is an overview of our pillars of which our Aikido practice find its foundation.
Not all of them are mandatory, yet an invitation to deepen and widening the practice if you like. They work complementary and enrich our daily life.

When you are member of our dojo you have access to a shared file map with interesting information.

During the lockdown classes are online with Zoom.
This is still on Monday and Wednesday evening, and Sunday morning.
On the last Wednesday of the month we will have an online AikiCafé at 20:30.

Practice Specifics Principles & development
 Bodywork general Qi Gong, Tai Chi warming-up.

Yoga stretches.
Fitness exercises.
Walking, running, biking for stamina.

Flexibility, core practice, balance, coordination, centering, grounding, relaxation, stamina, strength, effortlessness in movement, functionality, movability.
 Bodywork taijutsu Solo & partner Quality of connection, adaptability, alignment, listening & leading, space awareness, timing, taking perspectives, integration, creativity, spontaneity.
Weapons bukiwaza


Solo & partner

Jo & bokken

Structural and form, understanding form, adaptability & creativity with form, bodywork see above.
 Meditation, Mindfulness All forms and traditions of meditation that cultivates your ability being aware and awake in the present moment, and having coping skills for stress or challenges. Clarity, insight, perspectives, presence, awareness, awake.
 Community Inside the dojo with members.
Connection with other aikidoka’s of other dojo’s.
In your own social field.
Support, respect, care, interest, space, help, congruence, including.