Aikido guidelines in dojo

Guidelines for being in the dojo

  1. Be on time for class, preferably early; but if you must be late please bow in alone.
  2. Help setting up, sweep, and store away the mats. As soon the mat is set we can start the class. Cary the mat as much as possible vertical before putting it down. Ask another person to lift the mat together if you need help.
  3. Keep the training area clean and tidy. Remove shoes upon entering the dojo.
    Don’t walk on the mat with shoes on; make sure your feet are clean before stepping on the mat. Don’t leave clothes on the mat, and put indoor shoes next to the mat.
  4. Remove all jewellery before class; do not chew gum during class. No nail polish that can leave marks on the mat. Turn toward the wall and away from the shomen when you need to rearrange your gi.
  5. Keep toenails and fingernails clipped short. Keep yourself and your gi clean.
    Take time out to let infectious illnesses run their course outside the dojo.
    There is a first aid kid (EHBO) available.
  6. Upon entering and leaving the mat, do a standing bow toward the shomen.
    Class begins and closes with a formal bow toward the shomen and then the instructor.
  7. Before beginning and after training with your partner, thank him/her with a bow; do the same with the teacher who gives you instruction.
  8. Be considerate and kind to other students, attentive to the welfare and safety of other students, and patient and helpful to less experienced students.
    Practice with minimal conversation. If you are seriously confused you may ask for help, but discussions or lengthy commentaries are not appropriate during class.
    As much as senior students want to help, still keep explanations to a minimum. Avoid overloading your partner with to much of information.
  9. It is the nage’s responsibility to see that the uke is thrown safely.
    Tap the mat or your thigh to let your partner know to stop applying too much pressure in a wrist control or arm pin.
  10. No loud, profane, or abusive language in the dojo. No competition mode. Let the practice be in the spirit of mindful attention, trust and respect for each other and harmony.


Aditional health care guideliness:

  1. Wash your hand before and after class. Use soap and paper towls. If there is no soap I have a bottle with me. Or bring your own soap of gel.
  2. When coughing, do this in your elbow area; not in hands or in the air.
  3. When blowing your nose, do so off the mat and wash your hands after.
  4. Wash hands after use of bathroom.

Integral Aikido Amsterdam guidelines



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