ACT English Course

ACT ENGLISH COURSE – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Since 2012 ACT has been in the center of my life, on a personal and professional level. It is my biggest wish to share this ACT perspective with you!
I facilitate the ACT English Course of 8 sessions on indivual bases. This is Online or Live in Amsterdam OW possible.

With my affiliations behind me I can help you with advice and info about insurance coverage.


ACT is a new scientifically based psychotherapeutic modality that is part of the 3rd generation in behavioral and cognitive therapy (Hayes 2004). With his eclectic ‘glasses’ Steven Hayes started to discover how certain Eastern and Western perspectives could enrich eachother in helping people becoming more flexible psychologically. He is a very down to earth guy with a big heart and a clear mind. Besides Steven Hayes we also have Russ Harris as a big influence.

Have you ever watched Steven’s powerful talk on TEDx?
Check this out:

We as human beings are having great solution focussed tools, yet this can also turn on us, and gets us trapped. And we become less flexible in dealing with the struggles in our lives. We often loose our view on what we can change versus what we can’t change. Or we’re having way to high of expectations on ourselves or others, and loosing reality to what is really possible.



– psychological pain is normal. It is even important, and all of us has it.
– you are not your thoughts, you don’t have to identify with them.
– pain and suffering are 2 different states of being. Acceptance and relating differently is the key.
– It is possible to live your life based on your values, with commitment. To do that we need to get out of our mind into our life.



The great thing with ACT is that it can be used in a wide range of topics. From dealing with burn-out, stress, depression, anxiety, existential question, till increasing your focus and talent. Eventually you want to find a way to live your life meaningful with heart and mind.



So, ACT wakes us up, and guides us with the help of the 6 core processes as seen in the Hexaflex (see below).

ACT English Course Amsterdam Online

– Hexaflex of Steven C. Hayes –

All these processes are connected to eachother, and having influence on a unconscience and conscience level. We can use them actively to find a good balance and flexibility in what we want and do in our lifes. Is there Acceptance needed or is Change possible?

CONTACT WITH THE PRESENT MOMENT – be here and now, being mindful

ACCEPTANCE – opening up, willingness to be with

DEFUSION – stepping back from thoughts, watching the content, not identifying with

SELF AS CONTEXT – observing and noticing self, witnessing

VALUES – knowing what matters, the quality of you actions, meaning of your life

COMMITMENT IN ACTION – do what it takes, taking effective action



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PS. I also provide Mindfulness Course (MBCT/MBSR).